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HUD – Sage Acquisitions


Sage Acquisitions

Sage Acquisitions delivers scalable real estate services powered by industry leading compliance expertise and efficient processes.

We are pleased to announce that Sage Acquisitions was awarded 18 states and U.S. Territories under the recent solicitation for Asset Management Services by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, otherwise known as HUD 3.7.

Sage Acquisitions employs local listing brokers to list the HUD properties for sale thru the local MLS service.  HUD properties are listed on for sale and this is the principal website that drives availability of properties.  If the property is listed on the website, it means that the property is available for sale and should also be reflected in the local MLS system.

If you are interested to purchase a HUD home, please contact Dorin Frai with American Destiny Realty at 954-663-5944.